Marriages 1751 Old Swedes (Holy Trinity) Church, Wilmington, Delaware

Special thanks to Debbie Street for making this available


1 Joseph Jones and Deborah Robinson
Adam Sneider and Catherine Breinigern
4 James Oliver and Catherine Gordon
10 James Killen and Anne Duard
Evan Goss and Hannah Waker
17 Robert Jackson and Anne McDougle
22 Justa Walraven and Sarah Walraven
24 Joseph Cloud and Sarah Poile [Pyle?]
30 Isaac Starr and Mary Flower
31 Nicholas Moore and Margret Ericks


3 Stephen Pyle and Elizabeth Ash
6 Levy Geogory and Elizabeth Bate
7 Charles Gordon and Hannah Ward
John Baldwin and Margaret York
21 John Kary and elizaabeth Bisen
26 Enos Lewis and Susanna Woodeth
28 Wiliam Braclem and Sarah Garrit


1 David Loque and Elizaaabeth Harlin
5 John Fisher and Margret Gubbens
11 Cain McKinni and Mary Hiery
19 Abel Bork and Sarah Fowlsand
25 James Bogges and Margret Sharp
26 James McGarvay and Leanne Pettecrow


7 John Stewart and Mary DcDouel
8 Harry McCloski and Margret Monagle
9 Philip McGowen and Mary Preston
Andrew Justis and Mary Justis
10 Samuel Brooks and Mary Colains
13 Charles Porter and Elizabeth Evenson
17 Thomas McDonald and Mary McCorday
25 Isaac Barton and Sarah Waldon
29 William Hews and Rebecca Greegory
Francis Graham and Juda Carbre
Zebulon Alexander and Hannah Hodgesson


4 Charles Cartay and Elizabeth Porter
5 Thomas Ganday and Elizabeth Colier
11 William Stuart and Sarah owning
12 Henry Watson and Mary Haycock
13 Patrick Fich Patrick [FitzPatrick?] and Mary Patterson
Archibald McCollough and Elizabeth Lawson
14 Robert Davis and Jane Latta
18 Isaac Low and Grace Aclerthon
19 John Odiorn and Elizabeth Smidt
20 Patrick McMollholland and Sarah Baller


1 Andrew Renceer and Aknes Walles
2 John Coope and Grace Cloud
Thomas Duff and Jane Williams
5 John Springer and Sarah Walraven
6 Thomas Mahan and Marta Ball
25 Andrew Loinan and Sarah Hall
Jacob Anderson and Mary Loinan


12 James Mundel and Margaret Garrit
20 James Pollyk and Margret Hays
28 Elias Neeld and Sarah Green
30 William Blewit and Sarah Garden


1 Samuel Dixson and Mary Dixson
2 Joseph Weldin and Margret Robinson
4 Swen Brunberg and Anna Pierce
13 John Sadler and Jane Logan
21 Edward King and Elizabeth Nicols
24 John Lean and Jane Howel
Daniel Finnin and Elinor Dougherty
25 John Williams and Anne Carr


5 James Kirk and Jane Wessels
8 Joseph Seeds and Rachel Proctor
10 Hans Naff and Cathrina Landsbreck
12 John Wilson and Margret Whede
John Anderson and Elizabeth Orr
14 James Foreside and Margaret Whede
15 Samuel Ronalds and Grace Woods
19 John Brackin and Cathrina Adams
23 John Chevin and Hannah Little
26 Edward Richards and Margret Hogin
Andrew James and Cathrine Heinman
27 Jacob Bennet and Susanna Born


3 Samuel Beaton and Cathrina Walker
7 John McFarlan and Anne Michel
8 William Carre and Margret Aspe
13 Isaac England and Anne Evans
Peter Hatton and Sarah Poyle
14 William Webb and Margret Chartton
15 James Hedge and Anne Woods
21 Alexander Wilson and Anne Floyd
24 James Humpris and Jane Hill
Patrick Winders and Elinor Peril
James Ewing and Jannet Hall
Swen Justis and Mary Paulsson
John Lewis and Margret Lampradin
28 Thomas Orkaner and Mary Dow
31 Olove [Olaf?] Parlin and Elizabeth Tranberg


6 Jeremias Collet and Mary Stedham
17 James Clements and Elizabeth Spencer
18 William Ligget and Else Thornberg
23 Daniel Welsh and Anne Heald
25 Andrew Cossar and Annable McDowel


2 John Markhon and Mary Skott
5 William Van Neman and Johanna Hose
9 John McDerry Trussis
Thomas Ball and Sarah Bishop
10 Robert Carter and Susanna Sorell
12 William Maxwell and Jane Aken
20 Andrew Dickie and Elizabeth McDowel
21 Edward Dougherty and Anna Cassidy
23 James McCombs and Else Lattimore
26 John Webster and Hannah Way
28 William Ramsey and Susanna Wollaston