Can you help identify the location of the known cemeteries in Sussex County?   If so, please e-mail with with the name of the cemetery and location.  Do you have a transcription of a cemetery in Sussex County?   Would you consider allowing me to post it on-line?

Cedar Creek Hundred:

Staytonville Church Cemetery located N.W. of Greenwood at the N. E. corner of Memory Lane (Rd. 613) and Staytonville Rd. (Rd. 629) 1/10 mile north of Shawnee Road (Rt. 36 )

Slaughter Neck United Methodist Church Cemetery located South of Milford just off Coastal Highway 1 on Argos Corner Road (Rd. 14 E)

Mt. Zion A.M.E. Church Cemetery located in Ellendale on the North side of Milton-Ellendale Highway (Rt. 16)

Newmarket Cemetery located East of Ellendale on the South side of Reynolds Pond Road (Rd. 231) west of Holly Tree Road (Rd. 226)

Union Church Cemetery located on North Union Church Road (Rd. 42) 2 miles North of Ellendale- Greenwood Highway (Rt. 16)

Oakley Church Cemetery located 2 1/2 miles West of Ellendale on the Ellendale-Greenwood Highway (Rt. 16)

Union Cemetery located in Milford on Rehoboth Blvd. between S. E. Front and S. E. 2nd Sts.

Cedar Neck United Methodist Church Cemetery
located East of Milford on corner of Cedar Beach Road (Rd. 36) and Shockley Road (Rd. 202)

Lincoln Public Cemetery located in Lincoln on Clendaniel Pond Road (Rd. 38)